The Family Resource Centre is the product of a dream shared by two local counsellors in the early 1990’s.  One dreamt of developing a family self help centre that would empower people to work together to find answers for themselves.  The other wanted a place where counselling was available to families and individuals so that they were more able to help themselves.

Their first step was to garner support for the project in the community.  People who had knowledge and interest in the needs of families were sought out and asked if they would get involved in our process.  At the same time another group was working hard (initially not part of the FRC Society) that wanted to establish a Lay Counselling Program in the community.

The Centre opened on April 26, 1993 in a store front building on the ground floor at 3105 31st Ave.  By the AGM in Nov. 1993 we had two half time therapists and one half time receptionist.  How was it possible to run a service with such a skeleton staff?  The answer is Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers.  Dedicated, motivated, creative and tireless people from the community.  Some trained other volunteers to work as back up receptionists and to run the lending/resource library, and there were those who worked on committees that functioned as the centre administration.

The agency continues to offer valuable service to those in need in the community, and its wide range of services help every age range of client from birth, throughout life, to death.