How do I register for services?

Completing an Intake Form is the first step to receiving services.  This can be done by dropping by our Centre. Contact us for more information. 


Do I need a referral to access services?

The majority of our services are self-refer.


How much do your services cost?

Some of our services are free, and some are offered through a sliding fee scale according to household income. Some group programs are subject to a small fee to cover materials.  The ability to pay our fees is strictly confidential and is never a barrier to receiving services.  Fees may be waived if they pose a hardship for clients.


Will my Employee Benefit Plan cover services at FRC?

Contact your benefit company to learn about the terms of your coverage. You may qualify to have counselling sessions covered through your Employee Benefit Plan.  We have a team of registered counsellors, and we provide receipts for all services. 


Are your services covered under my medical plan?

Our services are not connected to the Medical Services Plan.


Do I need my Care Card number?

No.  Our services are not connected to the Medical Services Plan.


Will I get an appointment right away?

Services are offered as quickly as possible and according to service demand.  Wait times vary for each program.  Intake Workers will do their best to estimate how long it will be before you can expect an appointment time.


How long can I receive services?

This depends largely on the issues being addressed in counselling and the guidelines of the program.  Family Resource Centre does not have a limit to the number of appointments a client can have.


How do I get into the building if I have an after-hours appointment?

Simply press #201 on the intercom system located between the main entry doors, and one of our staff members will buzz you in.


Where can I park?

Client parking is available in the first parking lot closest to the front of the building.  There is additional parking behind the building in the fenced area or on the street.


How can I sign up for a group?

Completing an Intake Form is the first step to sign up for an Adult Group or a Child & Family Group.  This can be done by dropping by our Centre.