Our professional counsellors are here to guide you through the life challenges that so many of us face and overcome. Through individual counselling for anxiety to abuse and everything in between, we offer a compassionate, confidential space to help you understand what’s happening and navigate the path to a healthier, happier you.

General Counselling

Through our Community Counselling Program, we offer short-term individual counselling to help you overcome challenges such as:

  • Anxiety & depression
  • Life crisis
  • Life transitions
  • Grief & loss
  • Family separation

Trauma Program

Whether the traumatic event happened recently or in childhood, this program’s individual counselling sessions help you find ways to heal and move forward.

Postpartum Depression

This is supposed to be such a special time, and yet you’re struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Through this program’s individual counselling sessions, you have a chance to freely express how you feel and learn tools to restore your emotional wellbeing.

Our Counsellors

Our professional counsellors have a range of degrees in social work, psychology, clinical counselling, and child and youth development. We maintain strict client confidentiality in all cases.

Our Fees

Our policy is to ensure that if you need counselling, you can access counselling here. Some of our individual counselling programs do have fees on a sliding scale based on income. If fees would be a barrier to you, please reach out so we can ensure your access to counselling.