Counselling for Families

One of the goals in family counselling is to help find a healthier balance within the family system. Our Counsellors will work with you to identify and address the issues that your family is struggling with.

We also offer Counselling for Children & Youth and several free Family Support Groups.

Counselling for Parents/Guardians

Are you concerned about your child’s struggles with anxiety, anger, grief and loss, or transition challenges? Through our Family Support Worker Program, we offer parent counselling to families looking for understanding and strategies to help their children succeed.

We also offer a Parenting Through Emotion group.

Couple/ Marriage Counselling

Relationships can be complex. Through our Community Counselling program, we offer short-term counselling to couples wanting to learn new ways to communicate, resolve conflicts, and become a stronger team.

Our Counsellors

Our professional counsellors have a range of degrees in social work, psychology, clinical counselling, and child and youth development. We maintain strict client confidentiality in all cases.

Our Fees

Our policy is to ensure that if you need counselling, you can access counselling here. Some of our individual counselling programs do have fees on a sliding scale based on income. If fees would be a barrier to you, please reach out so we can ensure your access to counselling.