Anger Management

The purpose of the anger management group is to:

  • Learn to manage anger.
  • Stop violence or the threat of violence.
  • Develop and strengthen skills for self-control over thoughts and actions.
  • Receive support and feedback from others

Type: Pre-register
Fee: Free
Session Schedule: 6 in person classes

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (C.B.T.)

This program is a form of therapy that focuses on the relationships and connections between our thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and behaviour. It is an educational group with three modules that teaches skills to manage thoughts, and can be very effective for persons with anxiety or depression.

Type: Pre-register
Fee: Free
Session Schedule: Three 2-hour sessions

Community Support Volunteer (CSV)

Educational group to train Community Support Volunteers.

Type: Community Support Volunteer
Fee: no fee
Session Schedule: Ongoing
Age: All ages