Family Basket

This program is designed to help families learn budget-friendly recipes, how and where to shop locally, and to encourage children to be active in the kitchen. It also provides a place to connect with other families and facilitators while sharing food prep and a meal.

Type: Drop-in
Fee: Free
Session Schedule: Tuesday afternoons

Little Owl Family Circle

This program is a parent participation program to connect with other parents, discuss a variety of parenting topics, learn more about what our community offers and play with your child.

Type: Drop-in
Fee: Free
Session Schedule: Mondays

Natural Connections

This program provides an opportunity for parents with children of all ages to come together for a nature walk and/or fun activities in one of our local parks, to learn a little about our local area, and to connect with one another.

Type: Drop-in
Fee: Free
Session Schedule: Thursdays

Parenting Through Emotion

This 3-session group believes in the healing power of families and that parents have everything within them to support their children with tough emotions. This type of training aims to help parents and caregivers feel better equipped to help their children understand and process emotion.

Type: Pre-Register
Fee: Free
Session Schedule: 3 Tuesdays

Playful Art

This program provides a chance to explore multiple art, craft, play, and baking activities, and to connect with other parents, children, and facilitators.

Type: Drop-in
Fee: Free
Session Schedule: Thursday afternoons


Group registrations are accepted three months prior to group start-up.

If you wish to register for an upcoming group, please contact us for an Intake Form.

Our Fees

Our policy is to ensure that if you would benefit from one of our support groups that you have the ability to join. Some support groups have nominal fees, but if fees would be a barrier for you, please reach out so we can ensure your access to our support groups.