At the core of Family Resource Centre is the idea that together, we can improve the wellbeing of our community. That’s why our volunteers play such an important and rewarding role: With your help, we can all improve clients’ lives.

Our volunteers lend an empathetic ear to those who need to talk out their troubles or drive seniors to meetings and events. They’re a warm, positive presence that, within minutes, and without even talking, can make an incredible difference.

So, which FRC volunteer role is a fit for you?

Seniors Volunteer Driver

By driving our senior clients to Busy Bees, our coffee/craft group, or our Wellness Group, you give a senior access to companionship, laughter, wellness and something to look forward to every week.

Commitment: Regular, short-term, relief and more to suit your availability

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Community Support Volunteer

Through empathetic listening, problem solving and goal-setting, help clients move through life challenges such as transitions, isolation, relationships, unemployment or loss and grief.

Spring Training: 6 sessions - 2.5 hours per
Setting: One-on-one or groups

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Senior Support Volunteer

Through weekly home visits, empathetic listening and accompanying or driving seniors to events and appointments, you have the chance to help a senior maintain their independence and emotional wellbeing as they age.

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