Community Service Volunteer Program

Learn empathetic listening, problem solving and goal setting and more in our Community Support Volunteer training. Help clients move through life challenges such as transitions, isolation, relationships, unemployment, and support them through loss and grief.

Training: 6 sessions - 2.5 hours per session

Setting: One-on-one or groups

After successful completion of an extensive, in-depth training program, volunteers provide support for clients managing life issues such as transitions, isolation, relationships, loss and grief.

This free program is well suited to clients whose needs do not necessarily require a professional counsellor but who would benefit from the support of a skilled volunteer.

This program welcomes the participation of all or no gender.


Community Support Volunteers provide accountable and ethical emotional support to clients of the Family Resource Centre. This is done through individual client contact as well as group work. Clients are screened through our intake process and will typically have a single issue. Volunteers will not be assigned clients who are dealing with complex issues of sexual abuse, trauma or addiction.


The Family Resource Centre provides extensive training for its volunteers. In addition to the class sessions, there will be reading and written assignments as well as role playing and practice counselling sessions.

The emphasis of the training will be on development of communication and support skills.

There is also a personal development component which will require you to explore your values, beliefs, emotions and relationships. Active participation in the group is necessary to get the most out of the training sessions.

Topics covered in the training program include:

· Beliefs, Values, & Personal Growth

· Developing & Nurturing Counsellor Qualities

· A Helping Model

· Communication Skills

· Attending Behaviour

· Empathetic Listening & Responding

· Challenging Skills

· Goal Setting & Problem Solving

· Agency Orientation

Application & Interview Process

Applications are available for download here. Once applications are received and reviewed, you are contacted for an interview. This interview will ensure that the program meets the needs of both parties. At the interview, you will be asked to provide three personal and/or professional references. Community Support Volunteers are required to provide a current Criminal Record Check.

Commitment & Support

Upon successful completion of the training program, Community Support Volunteers are asked to share their new skills with the Family Resource Centre for a minimum of 75 hours. Your volunteer work will be supported by participating in meetings for the purpose of receiving education and support in your role as a CSV. On-going follow-up, supervision and support will be provided to you by the Coordinator of Volunteer Services.

Benefits to the Volunteer

Participation in our training program will not only prepare you for your volunteer role at the Family Resource Centre, but will also be of assistance to you in many aspects of your personal life. You will receive ongoing support as a member of the Community Support Volunteer Program, as well as a member of the Family Resource Centre team. Perhaps most importantly, you will be given opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of others in our community.

Thank you for your interest in our volunteer programs!

Our community has a wealth of individuals with strong people skills and varied life experiences that will be an asset both to our team and to our clients. Likewise, it is our belief that participation in these volunteer positions is both personally rewarding and very fulfilling. We look forward to speaking to you about these valuable programs.

Please contact our Coordinator of Volunteer Services Tracy Anderson at: tanderson@vernonfrc.ca or phone 250-545-3390 if you have any questions, or would like some further information on our volunteer opportunities.


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